Restalyne Kysse
IM-Admin • July 2, 2020

Have you always wanted to try lip filler, but felt a little put off by some of the lip enhancements you’ve seen on reality tv shows or in celebrity magazines? Are you looking for just a bit more definition? A fresh boost of sexy volume? Or, are you hoping to smooth out those pesky “smoker’s lines” above your lips? Skin Artisan’s newest dermal filler can achieve all three! Our team of licensed and experienced Injection Specialists is excited to introduce you to Restylane® KYSSE™!


Restalyne KYSSE

Although already available in international markets, Restylane® KYSSE™ has only been FDA approved and available to patients in the United States since May 2020. What makes it so unique? It is specifically designed just for the lips!


Like other fillers you may be familiar with, such as Allergan’s Juvéderm, Galderma’s Restylane KYSSE™ is comprised of hyaluronic acid. This acid attracts and binds water to itself, allowing for a plumping effect that smooths out wrinkles and pumps up the volume! What makes KYSSE™ so different is Galderma’s proprietary XpresHAn (you got it…that means “expression”) Technology. This innovation affects how the hyaluronic acid used in KYSSE™ binds inside your lips.


Instead of just sitting where it’s injected, KYSSE™ stretches, relaxes, and integrates with your lips as you smile, and speak, and KISS! The filler really becomes one with your lips, making it feel incredibly smooth, soft, and natural! This quality also makes KYSSE™ very effective for smoothing out the tiny lines above the lips, sometimes called “smoker’s lines.”

Shows the perioral lines and body of lips as it ages

The XpresHAn technology that Restylane® KYSSE™ features make it an excellent first-time filler for those patients who are just beginning to consider lip enhancement. The product looks and feels incredibly natural. The result simply looks like your own lips with a touch more definition and beautiful volume. (Exactly what most of us are going for!)



In clinical trials, Restylane® KYSSE™ showed the potential to last up to one year. In addition, many injectors involved in an initial control group felt they could do more with less product.


This finding could make KYSSE™ more cost-effective for certain patients. Because Restylane® KYSSE™ is a member of the Galderma family of aesthetic injectables, patients can also earn points with each treatment through the ASPIRE Rewards Program. Like Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Program, ASPIRE allows patients to enjoy discounts on future treatments by earning reward points with each Galderma product they purchase.


The talented team of Injection Specialists at Skin Artisans is experienced in a vast array of dermal fillers, especially when it comes to those used for lip enhancement. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals for the appearance of your lips and whether or not Restylane® KYSSE™ is the best option for you by calling (952) 767-3163 today!  Or simply CLICK HERE!