“Therese has been my botox “artist” for years. She is an expert clinician, skilled at injection. She allows plenty of time for the anesthetic to work and is very gentle and reassuring during the procedure. Therese is compassionate and intelligent. I love the results! Thank you so much.” – Kathleen H


Botox is a well-known and popular antiaging treatment that provides amazing results. Say good-bye to unwanted wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead – even in the first treatment.

Botox targets the underlying causes of lines and wrinkles in the skin. It is a purified protein derived from botulinum toxin type A and works by blocking nerve activity in the muscles.

Botox treatment is performed with injections and is a virtually painless process with few or no side effects. At Skin Artisans, we take extra steps to make sure you are comfortable and at ease while receiving your treatment.

Our injector technicians are experts. Besides working on the typical areas like foreheads and the corners of the eyes, they also correct problems or concerns in the cheeks, chin, neck, earlobes, corners of the mouth and décolleté (neckline and upper chest).


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Areas that could be improved with Botox®

NECK AND CHIN: Botox® is used in the neck’s platysmal bands (sides of the neck and up to the jaw) and necklace lines. These bands may become prominent with age; this area of skin will often lose elasticity and loss of soft tissue support. The Botox® injections help to make the bands and lines less pronounced.

DECOLLETAGE: Botox® in the décollete (neckline and upper chest) area is used to diminish the fine wrinkling.

LOWER EYELID: We can treat the jellyroll area under the eyelid. (It is most noticeable in certain individuals when they smile broadly.) When Botox® is injected into the middle of the lower eyelid it makes the patient’s eye look more open and youthful.

NECKLACE LINES: The lack of soft tissue support leads to persistent horizontal lines and creases. Botox® injections help diminish these lines.

CHIN: Botox® is used on the chin to reduce dimpling or “orange peel skin.” It relaxes the muscle in the chin so that the dimply effect goes away.

CORNERS OF THE MOUTH/MARIONETTE LINES: As some people age, the corners of their mouths become downturned, giving them a “crabby or unhappy” look. We can inject Botox® to relax the muscles and help make the corners more upturned. Patients achieve a look that is friendlier and more approachable..

EYEBROW (LATERAL): Botox® can be injected to reduce eyelid hooding to produce some of the benefits of a lateral brow lift.

CROW’S FEET: If the crow’s feet around your eyes are dynamic, there will be a significant improvement with Botox® to this area. However, if the crow’s feet are mostly static and the results of photodynamic and chronological aging, the improvement may be disappointing.

BUNNY LINES: For creases on the nasal dorsum (nasal “scrunch”), Botox® injections can help soften and/or eliminate those lines.

VERTICAL LIP LINES: Botox® can reduce the appearance of lip lines. These lines can often be traced to behaviors that involve the puckering of the mouth, including smoking, beverage straw use, playing musical instruments, singing and whistling.