VISIA® Skin Analysis

At Skin Artisans, we believe in highly customized skincare, not one-size-fits-all treatment plans. Our experienced providers have hand-selected the best, clinically-proven products, treatments, and tools to ensure that our patients get their desired results. The VISIA® Skin Analysis system is a state-of-the-art digital imaging platform that allows us to capture images of what lies at the surface of your skin and beneath to create a highly personalized skincare regimen that will get you fast and effective results!

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How does VISIA® Skin Analysis work?

If you are battling a skin condition like acne, sun damage, melasma, or dehydration, it’s essential to identify the source of the issue. Sometimes your skin gives us clues. VISIA® Skin Analysis helps interpret those clues! The images captured during your analysis provide feedback on several factors that may be affecting your skin’s appearance and health, including spots (UV and brown), wrinkles, texture, pores, red areas, and porphyrins, or acne-causing bacteria. Your results are compared to a massive database of people of the same gender and age range. Once your data is processed and evaluated, you’ll receive what’s called your TruSkin Age®, which will allow our team to create an effective, customized treatment plan to improve your skin’s health and appearance.

What insights can you gain from a VISIA® Skin Analysis about your skin?

Skin Type Detection – to identify your true skin type and condition and ensure you’re using the correct skincare products.

Comparison to Norms Analysis – uses the world’s largest skin feature database to grade your skin relative to others of the same age and skin type.

TruSkin Age® – assesses your overall skin condition and age, providing a revolutionary metric guide for your Advanced Practice Esthetician to select the most effective skincare products and treatment options unique to YOU!

UV Photography – provides feedback on the amount of surface and dermal sun damage you may have and analyzes the number of bacteria present on the skin.

RBX® Photography – separates the unique color signatures of red and brown skin components to visualize conditions such as spider veins, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and acne.

Eyelash Analysis – evaluates and measures the results of lash improvement treatments like REVITALASH®!

3D Viewer – captures images of your skin in three dimensions from any angle to see improvements with treatments such as dermal filler.

Compare – allows you and your provider to view older images of you to compare current data and mark improvements and changes.

Advanced Aging Simulation – illustrates the effects of aging by simulating your age up to 80 years old!

Injectable Simulation – visually demonstrates the benefits dermal fillers and neurotoxins may have to your face.

A comprehensive skin analysis is essential to achieving the safest, most effective, and fastest results from the skincare products you use and the professional treatments you receive. Save time and money by scheduling a VISIA® Skin Analysis and get on the fast track to your healthiest, most radiant skin ever!

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