Photorejuvenation is a popular cosmetic procedure to counter the effects of the sun and environment. Skin damage appears as brown pigmentation or age spots, redness (broken capillaries) and a dull appearance on the face and body.

Photorejuvenation or broadband light (BBL) uses a series of light pulses gently applied over the skin. The light penetrates the sub-skin layers and is absorbed by the blood vessels or by pigmentation (brown spots). The heat impairs the vessel or lesion and the body begins the natural healing and clearing process.

The pulsed light gently and precisely heats the target skin, causing little or no skin damage or discomfort. Photorejuvenation treatments are 15 to 30 minutes in length.

Treatment works best with a series of three to five sessions. Depending on the amount of sun damage, most patients see a significant improvement in two to three treatments, others may require more.

This procedure can reduce brown spots, freckles and stains and can also smooth roughly textured skin. Stimulates cell turnover and promotes collagen renewal. Recommend four to six treatments in 4-week intervals.

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