Laser hair removal is an exceptional alternative to other hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing and tweezing. The treatment can permanently remove hair from various parts of your body, making your skin free of unwanted hairs that would otherwise require consistent removal. In addition, by having your hair permanently removal with laser hair removal, you will be able to save time and money that would typically go towards buying shaving supplies.

Laser hair removal is an essential treatment for anyone tired of having to remove their hair via conventional methods. We offer permanent laser hair removal for virtually anywhere on your body with our advanced Alma™ Soprano ICE Hair Reduction system. If you are a resident of Minneapolis, MN, and interested in learning more about laser hair removal, please contact Skin Artisans at Edina Plastic Surgery at 952-234-8414 or visit our contact page. A consultation can be scheduled to determine if laser hair removal is right for you.


The Alma™ Soprano ICE laser hair removal system utilizes pulses of an infrared diode to heat your hair follicles in the subdermal layers of your skin. When the laser pulses reach your hair follicles, they ultimately become absorbed by the follicle’s melanin, effectively causing them to damage and not regrow. The hair reduction system features several different handles, making it customizable to your skin tone and type. For example, the Alma™ Soprano ICE system features a handle that emits a laser wavelength of 755 nanometers (nm), which allows for greater absorption and makes it acceptable for a wide range of hair types and colors. The Alma™ Soprano ICE system is also perfect for treating patients with darker skin tones. The system features a handle that emits a laser wavelength of 810 nm, a safe and comfortable option for darker skin tones.

If you are wary of pain being felt during your laser hair removal treatment, you should not worry when having it performed with the Alma™ Soprano ICE system. In addition to its versatility, the system features functional tips that help ease discomfort. Combining IN-Motion technology and the patented Dual Chill treatment tip with your laser hair removal will allow your skin’s surface to remain calm during your laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal with the Alma™ Soprano ICE system is an exceptional treatment that’s versatile and can effectively put an end to your hair’s regrowth.


Laser hair removal with the Alma™ Soprano ICE Hair Reduction system works virtually anywhere on your body. It is particularly effective at treating unwanted hair on the face, legs, upper and lower back, underarms, neck and bikini line. Laser hair removal is the ideal hair removal treatment for the following reasons:

  • Laser energy targets your hair follicles specifically, leaving the surrounding skin intact
  • The advanced technology offers consistent results
  • It requires no downtime, making it convenient
  • The treatment permanently damages unwanted hair
  • You will no longer have to worry about side effects from conventional methods (razor burn and ingrown hairs)
  • The long-term results can save you time and money

Laser hair removal is not ideal if you have grey or white hair because these hair shades have no melanin. During an initial consultation with our laser hair removal specialist, they can assess your hair, skin tone and concerns to determine if you make a suitable candidate.


You will be asked to wear loose-fitting clothing or easy-to-remove clothing on the day of your laser hair removal, so accessing your treatment area will be easy for your laser hair removal specialist. Before beginning the process, you will sit comfortably, get into a suitable position for treatment and be given protective eyewear. Your treatment site is then trimmed, and a topical anesthetic may be applied to help mitigate any discomfort.

Once prepped, our laser hair removal specialist will press the applicable Alma™ Soprano ICE handheld laser device against your skin. The laser energy reaches your hair follicles with each press, which is then absorbed into the follicle’s melanin. Gradually, these follicles are destroyed, resulting in skin that is smooth and free from hair.

Because of the specialized cooling Dual Chill tip, you will experience virtually no pain during the process. However, everyone has different sensitivity levels, so experiences vary. Your treatment time depends on the number of areas you have treated and their size. Larger areas can take several hours, while smaller areas, such as above the lip, can take several minutes.


After your treatment, the treated site may be mildly swollen, red and have a sensation akin to a sunburn. These are all expected side effects and begin to subside shortly after your treatment. Swelling takes approximately two hours to decrease, while redness and the sunburn sensation can take a couple of days. You may be recommended to apply an ice pack to the treatment site every 15 to 20 minutes after treatment to reduce these side effects. Because your skin will be sensitive, you should avoid sun exposure for several days until you have fully healed. Your skin will return to looking and feeling normal after several days.


Your laser hair removals will become noticeable after approximately five to 20 days as your hair follicles gradually shed. You can experience around 10 to 25 percent of hair reduction in your treated area in just one treatment session. Your laser hair removal treatment’s success depends on several factors, including the thickness of your hair, which site is treated, the Alma™ Soprano ICE handheld device used, and your skin color. Multiple sessions of laser hair removal will be required to achieve total hair removal.

Your hair goes through various phases, the anagen, catagen and telogen phases. During the anagen phase, laser hair removal works best because your hair follicles are active, while during the other phases, follicles are either dormant or shedding. Achieving complete hair removal in one laser hair removal session is not possible because hair all across your body is going through different hair growth phases. Your unique anatomy, from your skin and hair color, how coarse your hair is and your metabolism, influence your hair growth rate. Typically, it is best to have four to six laser hair removal sessions spaced apart at four to six-week intervals to ensure your treated area is flawless of unwanted hairs.


Conventional hair removal methods may be nice in the short term but being able to attain hair removal in the long term is ideal. The technologically-advanced laser hair removal system offered at Skin Artisans at Edina Plastic Surgery allows you the option to put an end to conventional hair removal methods. Achieve smooth, hairless skin after several sessions with our Alma™ Soprano ICE Hair Reduction system.

Located near Minneapolis, MN, Skin Artisans at Edina Plastic Surgery offer expert service in cosmetic-boosting treatments, including laser hair removal. If you are interested in scheduling a laser hair removal consultation, please contact us at 952-234-8414 or visit our contact page.