Hyfrecation Blemish Removal

Treat skin tags, cherry angiomas, and other minor imperfections effectively with little to no downtime with Hyfrecation Blemish Removal. This simple procedure instantly improves the appearance of your skin with minimal to no scarring. Remove annoying skin tags that get caught in jewelry or rub against your clothing. Erase cherry angiomas (little red polka dot vascular lesions) from anywhere on the body in a single treatment. Smooth the appearance of sebaceous hyperplasias (open, donut-shaped pores) and more!

What is Hyfrecation?

Hyfrecation is a safe form of electrosurgery, also called electro dissection. The process is performed with a small needle with an electrical pulse that acts as a diathermy to burn away the skin’s tiny and undesired lumps and bumps. Hyfrecation works on a very superficial level and forms a light “crust” over a treated lesion to protect healthy, underlying skin as it heals. It is one of the safest and most effective treatment options for skin tag removal and clearing cherry angiomas, especially when many lesions are present.

What skin imperfections can Hyfrecation treat?

Skin Tags – small pieces of skin that appear on the body’s surface, often on the eyelids, under the arms, and on the upper chest that are harmless but can cause irritation when they rub against clothing and jewelry.

Milia (Whiteheads)–  are formed when keratin (a substance produced by the skin) becomes entrapped beneath the outer layer of the skin, forming a tiny cyst. They are especially common around the eyes.

Cherry Angiomas – are mole-like skin growths made up of small blood vessels, or capillaries. They appear as small, red polka dots on the body and can be especially prevalent on the torso.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia – an enlarged sebaceous (oil) gland on the face that appears as a small donut-shaped opening. They are widespread in adults with oilier skin types.

*Before treatment with Hyfrecation, Skin Artisans may need to require written confirmation from your dermatologist that the lesion being treated is non-cancerous.

How do I know if I am a candidate for Hyfrecation?

A consultation with a Skin Artisans Advanced Practice Esthetician will be required before you schedule blemish removal with Hyfrecation. During this consultation, they will assess the lesions you would like to remove. In some cases, they may require confirmation that a lesion is non-cancerous from your dermatologist before proceeding with treatment. In other cases, your provider may determine that laser treatment, such as BBL™ Photorejuvenation, is a better treatment option for you.

What is a Hyfrecation treatment like?

Most patients only experience slight discomfort with Hyfrecation Blemish Removal. Your provider may use numbing cream or cold therapy to dull any sensation before your treatment. The tip of the Hyfrecator needle used during your treatment may feel slightly sharp and hot when it comes into contact with the skin, but the sensation is easily tolerable because the procedure is so fast.

What results can I expect with Hyfrecation?

As little as one treatment session may be all that is required to remove a blemish effectively, but some more persistent skin lesions may need up to three treatments to fully clear. Hyfrecation does not cause scarring, but the treatment area may need to be temporarily protected with a bandage. SPF will be recommended to protect healing skin from UV exposure, which can cause pigment irregularities. Your Skin Artisans Advanced Practice Esthetician will go over all pre and post-skincare instructions at your initial consultation to ensure that you have a safe and effective treatment!