Your skin’s appearance can achieve a luminous glow with a Halo™ Laser treatment. The Halo™ Laser is a unique treatment that can treat a wide range of cosmetic concerns. The laser is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser, featuring an ablative and non-ablative wavelength that allows for microscopic treatment to more extensive improvement. Minor cosmetic flaws, such as hyperpigmentation, to the more severe, including wrinkles, can be corrected with the help of the Halo™ Laser treatment. Achieve a beautiful glow after one treatment

The Halo™ Laser treatment is extremely versatile because the device features customizable solutions that create exceptional results. Restore your skin to a healthier appearance after a Halo™ Laser treatment at Skin Artisans at Edina Plastic Surgery. If you are a resident of Minneapolis, MN, and are interested in learning more about the Halo™ Laser treatment, please contact us at 952-767-3163 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation.


The Halo™ Laser combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths for a powerful rejuvenating experience. The fractional laser is the first of its kind to feature these two laser modalities. The Halo™ Laser can simultaneously target your top layer of skin and the deeper tissues beneath by combining these two wavelengths.

The ablative laser modality strips away your outer layer of skin, which prompts your natural healing process, creating healthier, new skin cells. The non-ablative modality is less invasive because it doesn’t affect your skin’s surface but effectively heats your deep tissues, which will prompt your skin’s natural healing process as well. The ablative modality effectively treats serious cosmetic concerns, while non-ablative is best-suited for minor concerns. However, because the Halo™ Laser possesses these two different wavelengths, the treatment can be entirely customized, meaning it can be optimized based on your skin type and goals, allowing you to achieve maximal results.

The Halo™ Laser is an improvement on previous laser models, which required more treatments and more extensive downtime.

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The Halo™ Laser is a versatile laser that can treat mild to severe cosmetic flaws, including:

  • Pigmentation irregularities
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Deep facial creases
  • Shallow scarring
  • Brown spots
  • Enlarged pores
  • Sun damage
  • Uneven skin tone and texture

The Halo™ Laser is perfect and safe for all skin types due to its customizability. If you have any of the above cosmetic concerns, then you will be an excellent candidate for the treatment. You should be in good health if you are considering treatment and have realistic expectations. During an initial consultation, one of our laser providers can assess your cosmetic concerns to determine if Halo™ Laser is a suitable treatment.


Your Halo™ Laser treatment will begin with our provider applying a topical anesthetic to your treatment area to mitigate any discomfort. Your skin will be numb in approximately one hour, and our provider will give you protective eyewear. The Halo™ Laser system is then activated, and the handheld device is rolled along your treatment area one section at a time. The device emits quick bursts of laser energy and will continue to do so until the Halo™ Laser system indicates the treatment is complete. Both ablative and non-ablative laser energy is emitted.

As the laser energy hits your skin, you may feel a pricking sensation, which is akin to having rubber bands snapping against your skin. This is a normal feeling and generally tolerable. You can be comforted in knowing that the device features an integrated cooling system that blows cool air across your face to help cool your skin and reduce inflammation during the entire treatment. Once complete, a moisturizer may be applied to your skin to help protect and moisten your skin.


Immediately after your Halo™ Laser treatment, your skin will appear red and experience a warming sensation. This sensation can last for a couple of hours and can be mitigated by applying an ice pack to the treated area. Results will not be noticeable on the first day. The following day you should expect some flaking, swelling, peeling and itchiness potentially. These are expected side effects that indicate that the treatment was a success because it shows your skin is undergoing the natural healing process.

These symptoms usually last for two to three days. In some cases, they can last for a week. While your skin heals, you should avoid direct sunlight and not partake in rigorous activities. Makeup should not be applied until your skin has fully peeled, and your daily skincare routine should be minimal. It would be best if you only used a moisturizer and sunscreen until your skin has fully healed.

Because the Halo™ Laser utilizes two different wavelengths, which will affect your upper layer of skin and deeper tissues, results are noticeable in two phases. The first phase of results is evident after five to seven days, which will be short-term results visible on your skin’s surface. The second phase will appear in six to eight weeks as your skin continues developing new, healthier tissues. This phase creates long-lasting and outstanding results. Your results can last for several years, potentially, as long as you maintain a solid skincare routine.

Benefits of Combining BBL™ with HALO™

The combination of BBL™ and HALO™ can achieve dramatic results in a single treatment. They can be paired on the same day to better address pigment discoloration, skin texture, and fine lines and wrinkles to enhance your overall result. BBL™ will be performed first to target unwanted pigmentation and sun damage. Your Skin Artisans provider will then immediately proceed with HALO™ to smooth textural irregularities and stimulate collagen production. BBL™ and HALO™ work synergistically and build off each other to achieve superior results than having each of them performed separately.


Halo™ Laser treatment is an exceptional fractional laser treatment that combines the power of ablative and non-ablative wavelengths, making it customizable to your unique cosmetic concerns. From brown spots to wrinkles, deep facial creases and shallow acne scars, the Halo™ Laser treatment corrects many cosmetic flaws. After just one treatment, you will notice results in as little as one week, which will continue to improve drastically over the next several months. The Halo™ Laser is a truly revolutionary aesthetic technology.

If you are a resident of Minneapolis, MN, or surrounding communities and are interested in learning more about the Halo™ Laser, please contact Skin Artisans at Edina Plastic Surgery at 952-767-3163 or visit our contact page.