Why Choose Skin Artisans?

“I have been seeing Kally for fours years, and over the years she has discovered a few ‘questionable moles’ that were out of my line of vision. Thankfully, the Skin Artisans has surgeons on site to see me and assess the situation. I feel a sense of comfort knowing that Kally and the Skin Artisans team are looking out for me. Kally always goes the extra mile! All of the EPS employees greet me with a warm smile, and are gracious and kind. Thank you!” –

Tina B


Skin Artisans is the preeminent clinic for providing complete aesthetic care. We have been treating patients since 1991 when the Skin Clinic at Edina Plastic Surgery opened. Over 50,000 people have trusted our professionals for the ultimate in natural, enduring skin results. We understand the value of healthy skin throughout a person’s life, which is why our approach is both preventative and restorative.


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  • Skin Artisans is one of the top 50 providers in the entire country for Allergan Botox® and Juvederm treatments.
  • Our medical aestheticians are certified in laser treatments and are laser safety officers.
  • We practice under the direction of board certified plastic surgeons who are on site.
  • We have a comprehensive collection of tested, proven and medically based skin solutions.
  • Our injectionists are licensed RNs with decades of experience and continued education of injectables in new and creative ways.