Meet MOXI™

Meet MOXI™ – the laser resurfacing treatment designed with EVERYONE in mind! Unlike more aggressive laser resurfacing treatments, MOXI™ is appropriate for all skin types and colors and can even be utilized by younger patients interested in “prejuvenation,” or preventing the visible signs of aging. The best part? MOXI™ helps patients achieve a visibly clearer, smoother, and brighter complexion with little to no downtime and can safely be performed during any season, even Summer!

How does MOXI™ work?

MOXI™, by Sciton®, uses non-ablative fractionated laser energy to create tiny, controlled thermal injuries, or “micro-coagulation zones,” in the skin. This process stimulates the skin to boost collagen production to heal itself, which makes skin smoother. As our skin repairs itself, damaged cells are replaced with fresh, healthy ones. This renewal process causes improvements to skin’s texture and overall tone. MOXI™ can correct the initial signs of sun damage and aging, regardless of the season or your skin type!

What are the Benefits of MOXI™?

MOXI™ is incredibly versatile and offers a wide range of benefits. Not only is it an excellent way to gently rejuvenate your skin, but it is also a rising star in the “prejuvenation” trend that encourages patients to maintain their skin BEFORE the visible signs of aging set in.

Other benefits of MOXI™ include:

  • Improvements in skin texture & tone
  • Lighten and/or remove uneven pigmentation
  • Little to no downtime
  • Repairs and rejuvenates sun-damaged skin
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Safe to perform all year round when an active tan is absent, and SPF utilized

Where can MOXI™ be used?

MOXI™ can be used on all skin types and virtually anywhere on the body to improve skin’s texture and tone, including the face, neck, chest, hands, arms, legs, and even feet.

Who are the best candidates for MOXI™?

MOXI™ is an ideal treatment for patients who don’t want extended downtime after their laser service and younger patients who are just beginning their skin rejuvenation and maintenance journey. In addition, MOXI™ is a fast “lunchtime procedure” and can even be combined with other therapies, like BBL®, for enhanced results. So, if you have a busy social or work schedule but still want the improvements seen with laser resurfacing, MOXI™ may be a fantastic option for you!

How comfortable is MOXI™ laser treatment?

MOXI™ is more gentle than other laser resurfacing procedures and is very well tolerated by most patients without the use of topical numbing cream.

What results can I expect with the MOXI™ laser treatment?

Your Skin Artisans MOXI™ provider can customize your treatment to match your goals. Having a lighter or more aggressive treatment will affect the amount of downtime each patient experiences. Immediately after MOXI™, it is normal for skin to feel slightly warm and appear flushed. The day following your treatment, your skin may feel very dry, almost like sandpaper. Depending on how deep your MOXI™ treatment was, you may also see tiny dots on your skin where the laser delivered stronger energy. As these dots heal, they will appear darker than the surrounding skin and feel rough. Within 3-5 days, damaged skin cells will slough away naturally, revealing the fresh, radiant skin beneath!

A broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or higher must be worn to protect your skin after your treatment. Makeup may be applied 24 hours after your procedure, making MOXI™ very easy to fit into even the busiest schedules!

How many MOXI™ treatments will I need?

The number of MOXI™ treatments you will need is dependent on the level of damage your skin currently has and your goals. Although most patients experience significant, visible results from a single treatment, Skin Artisans recommends a series of 3-4 treatments for full, corrective results. An annual maintenance treatment is also recommended to maintain your results and prevent future damage.

Can other treatments be performed with MOXI?

YES! Combining Broadband Light (BBL) photorejuvenation with MOXI™ is a highly effective treatment pairing for total skin renewal. While BBL® evens out areas of the skin that have excess brown or red pigmentation, MOXI™ gently improves surface texture and overall smoothness. Book these treatments in a single appointment to achieve truly transformative results with minimal downtime!

If you are a resident of Minneapolis, MN, or surrounding communities and are interested in learning more about the MOXI™ Laser, please contact Skin Artisans at Edina Plastic Surgery at 952-234-8414 or visit our contact page.