May 31, 2023

Acne, and the scarring it leaves behind, can range from being a monthly hormonal nuisance to absolutely devasting your self-esteem and confidence. Whether you’re a teen battling weekly breakouts or an adult tired of covering up acne scars from your youth, Skin Artisans offers effective solutions to help you achieve a clearer and smoother complexion!


The first step in treating your acne is identifying what kind of acne you have!

Acne comes in many forms. The hardest part is sometimes identifying which type(s) of acne you suffer from! Some types of acne are due to an overproduction of sebum (oil) and skin cells. In this case, a buildup of dead skin cells combines with excess oil to form a thick, tacky paste that clogs a pore and causes a pimple. In other acne types, the hormonal fluctuations that result from puberty, a woman’s menstrual cycle, stress, or pregnancy can increase testosterone and trigger a breakout. And yet, in other forms of acne, the condition is caused by comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients in the skincare, makeup, or haircare you are currently using. As you can see, it’s essential to partner with an esthetician who has experience identifying and treating ALL forms of acne and can work with your dermatologist’s recommendations and prescriptions to provide effective treatment solutions.


Common types of acne:

  • Active, inflamed pustular acne that is continuously present on the face and/or body.
  • Hormonal acne triggered by stress, pregnancy, or hormonal fluctuations.
  • Congestive acne that predominately consists of blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Acne that is due to your environment and the skincare and makeup products you are using.


Inflammation must be calmed and comedogenic ingredients removed from your skincare for acne to clear.

The first steps in treating active acne are calming any inflammation that can trigger a breakout and removing all comedogenic ingredients from your skincare, makeup, and haircare. At Skin Artisans, your Advanced Practice Esthetician may first start you on a series of calming Oxygen Facials and anti-inflammatory skincare products to soothe and strengthen your skin. She will help you analyze your current skin and body products regimen to identify comedogenic ingredients to avoid. Some of the protocols your esthetician recommends can even be followed by patients currently on the acne drug Accutane and under the care of a dermatologist.

The next steps in treating active acne are reducing surface bacteria and normalizing cell proliferation, or how effectively your skin turns over dead skin cells. This may include a series of VI Peels® to help kill surface bacteria, remove dead skin cells, and lighten hyperpigmentation.


Other effective Skin Artisans treatment solutions for active acne may include:

  • Forever Clear BBL™, a cutting-edge acne treatment that uses the power of light to comfortably and effectively clear acne without creams or medicine. Skin is first treated with BLUE BBL light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at its source, deep down in the pores. Skin is then treated with YELLOW BBL light to reduce inflammation and acne-associated redness to give skin a healthy, luminous glow.
  • DiamondGlow™ and HydraFacial® to calm skin, kill bacteria, remove cell buildup, and infuse skin with corrective serums.
  • Chemical Peels that contain salicylic acid to kill surface bacteria and normalize cell production.
  • Physician-grade skincare product regimens, like the CLENZIderm MD® system, focused on calming inflamed skin, gently exfoliating dead skin cell buildup, regulating oil production, normalizing cell proliferation, and killing surface bacteria.

When your acne clears, shift your focus to smoothing any residual scars and lightening post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Once your acne has cleared, your Skin Artisans Advanced Practice Esthetician will then focus on improving the appearance of any residual scarring and/or hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration) left behind from acne. To soften the appearance of acne scarring, you must build up the collagen and elastin that were destroyed underneath the scar. This can be accomplished in several ways, depending on the severity of your acne scarring. The brown, red, and purple pigmentation frequently left behind after acne has cleared can also be treated at this time.


At Skin Artisans, our team of Advanced Practice Estheticians has decades of experience treating all forms of acne and scarring. If you are currently suffering from breakouts, it is crucial to have this condition treated to prevent future scarring. Our estheticians can work with your dermatologist’s recommendations and any prescriptions you may currently be taking to treat your acne.

At your initial consultation, your Skin Artisans esthetician will help you identify the root causes and triggers of your acne and then develop a customized plan to help get you on the course to clearer, smoother skin. This is a true partnership in which your clinician tracks and monitors your progress every step of the way to ensure you are getting safe and effective results. Schedule your complimentary consultation with a Skin Artisans Advanced Practice Esthetician today for a clearer tomorrow!

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