IM-Admin • May 3, 2021

Skin Artisans is comprised of some of the most experienced and talented skincare professionals in the entire region. We are, therefore, thrilled to welcome Advanced Practice Esthetician Shae Lyrenmann to our team! With her wealth of knowledge, warm personality, and nearly two decades of experience in clinical skincare, we believe she will be an incredible provider for our patients.

Like many on our team, Shae’s journey towards a career in the skincare industry began after experiencing challenges with her own skin. She battled acne in her youth and sought the expertise of both dermatologists and estheticians to help her achieve clearer skin. After seeing the improvements that clinical skincare had made on her own complexion and how her skin condition directly influenced her self-confidence, Shae knew she wanted to pursue a career in skincare to help others love their skin again too!

Shae is an Advanced Practice Esthetician, which means she has specialized in a more medically oriented skincare career path. She obtained her esthetics license in 2005 and went on to achieve her CIDESCO Diploma. CIDESCO is the world’s most prestigious qualification for those practicing in the world of skincare and beauty therapy. It has been setting international standards in skincare since 1957. It takes an extraordinary amount of hard work to achieve the CIDESCO Diploma, and many of the most prominent skincare professionals in the world proudly call themselves CIDESCO Diplomats.

Because she wants to stay at the top of her industry and believes that her patients deserve the most advanced treatments available, Shae places immense value on continuing education. Beyond being an Advanced Practice Esthetician, she is also a Certified Laser Technician with years of experience on various aesthetic laser platforms and a CoolSculpting® Master Provider who has received advanced training in the world’s #1 non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Shae worked for over a decade in a prominent dermatology clinic that exposed her to a vast array of laser and skincare treatments. This experience has given her a heightened understanding of laser and tissue interaction and made her an incredibly versatile provider.

Shae has a naturally warm, friendly, and inviting personality. She likes to thoroughly explain the treatments she performs and the products she recommends, so her patients feel educated and comfortable under her care. Although she is very strategic in customizing her patient’s treatment plans to deliver safe, fast, and effective results, she also loves building authentic relationships with her patients and bringing laughter and a sense of fun to each appointment! 

Shae believes that the power of skincare extends far beyond what the eye can see and that an esthetician is truly a facilitator of increased self-esteem and confidence in the lives of the people she touches! She is grateful to be a part of a team that shares that belief and works diligently each day to enhance the lives of our patients – not just their appearance!

Shae leads a very “family-centric” life outside of work. She and her husband are the proud parents of three young children (two boys, one girl) who they absolutely adore. Together, they live on a “mini” farm and enjoy spending time with their various animals, spending summers out on Prior Lake, and traveling and building memories together as a family!