November 7, 2022

Since its first FDA approval in 2002, Botox® Cosmetic has been the #1 selling product of its kind on the market. Only Botox® Cosmetic is backed by more than 16 years of published studies. It uses a unique manufacturing process, and its potency is measured in units that cannot be compared to any other product. This is why there is no such thing as “generic” Botox® Cosmetic


Allergan Aesthetics® founded Botox® Cosmetic Day on November 20th, 2019, as a way to reward and celebrate the loyal users of their anti-aging powerhouse product. The inaugural holiday featured an online gift card sale that experienced such high traffic that the site temporarily crashed! 

Luckily, Botox® Cosmetic Day 2020 and 2021 ran much more smoothly. Here are two special offers you can take advantage of this year as you celebrate Botox® Cosmetic Day with your Skin Artisans Injection Specialist!



Register for Allē Rewards to Qualify for Each Offer


Allē is the official rewards program of Allergan Aesthetics. Membership allows you to earn points on Allē Brands, like Botox®, Juvéderm®, CoolSculpting®, and SkinMedica®, as well as a variety of other in-office products and treatments like microneedling, laser skin rejuvenation, and more. When you’re ready to use your points, just let your Skin Artisans provider know you’re an Allē Member, and our team will redeem them from your Allē Wallet. Every 100 points earns you $10 in savings toward a future Allē product or treatment!

Whether you receive an Allergan Aesthetics treatment, like CoolSculpting®, or are experimenting with a non-Allergan Aesthetics brand for a chemical peel, you’ll quickly rack up points with Allē. Those points can then be applied toward your favorite Allergan Aesthetics treatments, like DiamondGlow™! If you’re strategic with how you stack your offers and points, you could find yourself booking gratis services or bringing home a free tube of your favorite SkinMedica® product.


Allē has made it easier than ever to access your available points, perks, and offers. With the Allē app, you can tap into your Allē Wallet, which safely stashes your points, gift cards, offers, and more—no more frantically scrolling through your inbox to find the right email, scrambling to buy ink so you can print out an offer, or digging around in your bag for a gift card. At checkout, the Skin Artisans staff will pull up your Allē Wallet and apply any points, gift cards, or offers in a click.


Download the Allē app for IOS

Download the Allē app for Android


Earn 1,200 points in a calendar year to unlock Allē’s exclusive VIP membership. A-Listers receive all standard Allē perks plus added benefits, including exclusive offers, surprise gifts, dedicated VIP Member support, and more!


If you aren’t already a registered Allē member, JOIN NOW to take advantage of the Botox® Cosmetic Day 2022 special offers!



#1 – Schedule Botox® Cosmetic 11.16 – 11.30 & Earn DOUBLE Allē Points


What better way to celebrate Botox® Cosmetic Day 2022 than getting a Botox® treatment with your Skin Artisans Injection Specialist?! Book a Botox® treatment between Wednesday, November 16th and Wednesday, November 30th, and earn DOUBLE Allē points!

Hurry! These appointments are almost all booked up! Call (952) 234-8414 or text (952) 767-3163 to schedule now!


#2 – BUY ONE, GET ONE $50 Gift Card on 11.16.22 | 11 AM CT

Who doesn’t love FREE stuff? Mark your calendar and set a reminder on your smartphone for Wednesday, November 16th, at 11 AM CT. This is when the annual Botox® Cosmetic Day gift card sale goes LIVE!

Log on to and get a FREE $50 gift card with the purchase of a $50 gift card. Act fast on this day! Once the gift cards sell out, they’re GONE. Once yours is loaded in your Allē Wallet, you can use it towards any Allē brand product or service at Skin Artisans beginning Thursday, December 1st!

Want to celebrate Botox® Cosmetic Day with your Skin Artisans Injection Specialist? Book Botox® from 11.16 – 11.30 and earn DOUBLE Allē Rewards points! Act now – LIMITED APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE. Call (952) 234-1414.