IM-Admin • February 23, 2021

Bright, smooth, and even skin shouldn’t have to stop at your neckline, and it doesn’t have to with HALO™! This hybrid laser’s dual benefits that resurface your skin and target pigmentation can effectively be used on the body too! Whether your hands are beginning to show your age or your shoulders reveal too many summers at the beach without sunscreen, it’s time to consider HALO™ treatments that go beyond your face.

What is HALO™?

HALO™ is the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL) safe for all skin types and colors. It simultaneously delivers both non-ablative and ablative wavelengths to the same treatment zone to improve your skin’s texture and tone. The best part? It does this with minimal downtime!

HALO™ is indicated to treat the following concerns on BOTH the face and body:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines 
  • Sun damage/dyschromia
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Scar revision (including acne scars)
  • Signs of aging
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Improves the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Medical dermatology/Actinic Keratoses

How does HALO™ Work?

HALO™ is a fractional laser, which means it takes one congruent laser beam and fractionates it into smaller beams. This feature allows for precise energy delivery without the downtime of traditional fully ablative lasers. Because of its dual-wavelength technology, HALO™ can resurface the top layers of your skin to improve pigmentation, while it also treats more deeply to stimulate collagen and elastin growth to smooth and firm skin over time. 

Where can HALO™ be used other than the face?

We all know that our skin concerns rarely end at our faces! HALO™ can be used virtually anywhere on your body to treat sun damage, pigmentation, rough skin texture, scarring, and overall rejuvenation. Here are just some of the treatment areas to consider:

  • Neck – to improve texture, tone, and smooth the appearance of deep neckbands.
  • Chest / Décolleté – to erase sun damage and smooth vertical lines between breasts,
  • Shoulders / Back – to remove sun damage and restore even pigmentation.
  • Arms – to even out pigmentation and smooth the appearance of crepey skin.
  • Hands – to remove sun damage and make thin skin more resilient.
  • Legs – to remove sun damage, even pigmentation, rejuvenate skin above knees.

What are my results like with HALO™?

Immediately after HALO™, your skin will undergo a “bronzing” stage for several days. During this time, treated skin will begin to peel and flake, revealing fresh, bright, and revitalized layers beneath. Initial results with HALO™ are seen in the first 2-5 days after treatment, but your skin will continue to improve over the next several weeks. During this time, skin will become clearer, smoother, firmer, and more vibrant.

Other benefits of your results obtained with HALO™ include:

  • Treatment is more comfortable than traditional fractional resurfacing, requiring only topical numbing (no nerve block).
  • Faster healing – you’re able to wear makeup within 24 hours.
  • Decreased downtime – you’re able to go back to work within a couple of days.
  • Non-occlusive post-care – no heavy, tacky ointments to wear after treatment.

HALO™ delivers visible improvements to your skin in as little as one treatment. Results that used to take 5-6 sessions with older, non-hybrid lasers only require 1-2 treatments with HALO™. Most patients notice clearer, more radiant skin by day two, with improvements in pigmentation and smoothness over the next few weeks. Subsequent treatments may be needed if the treatment area has extensive sun damage or uneven texture.

Patients fall in love with the glow that HALO™ imparts to their skin, but it’s important to note that improvements to your skin’s health and structure are also significant with this innovative treatment. If you’re looking for ONE laser treatment that delivers multiple results to the skin anywhere on your body – consider HALO™!

Are you unhappy with the sun damage on your arms or shoulders? Would you like the skin on your neckline or chest to be as smooth and vibrant as it is on your face? Then, it’s time to consider HALO™ for the body! Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Advanced Practice Estheticians to discuss HALO™ by calling (952) 767-3163 or CLICKING HERE.