Polly Beran

RN-BSN • Injection Specialist

With over 16 years of experience as an Injection Specialist in the same dermatology practice, nine years as a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse, and an Esthetician certification under her belt, Polly brings a unique skill-set and “whole beauty” approach to the Skin Artisans team!  As someone who battled acne from youth to adulthood and has always been drawn to the beauty and symmetry in the world around her, the career transition from Pediatric Intensive Care to the esthetics industry was a natural one for Polly.  She now blends her diverse experience and a keen eye for detail to help her patients bring their vision for their appearance to fruition.  Polly believes that a natural and beautiful result is one that allows her patients to look like themselves, enhances their best features, and makes others think that they look amazing for their age while not realizing they had anything done!  Her warmth and kindness, perfectionist nature, and fun personality are quickly appreciated by Polly’s patients, who often describe her as “an artist for the face.”  Like many on our team, Polly believes that enhancing our external beauty allows our inner beauty to shine even brighter!

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