Mollie H.

Patient Coordinator

In her role as a Patient Care Coordinator, Mollie thrives on being a part of the journey our patients take to achieving healthier skin and renewed self-confidence. Like the rest of our team, she has seen the transformative results our treatments can have on a patient’s appearance and overall life. Mollie loves making meaningful connections with our patients to enrich their overall experience with us and ensure that their expectations are continuously exceeded at Skin Artisans.

One of the things that Mollie appreciates most about working at Skin Artisans is the positive, upbeat environment. The staff has genuine respect for one another, and a strong family dynamic has been established in which everyone feels valued. This cohesiveness at work allows each member to devote 100% of their attention to our patients’ results and experience with us.

Mollie is inspired by the innovative treatments available to patients today but can also understand how intimidating some of them can be at first.

She enjoys educating patients on what’s available to them and explaining the benefits of each treatment. Mollie feels proud to work with some of the nation’s most experienced, skilled, and talented providers. She is constantly impressed by how invested they are in fulfilling their patients’ goals and how they strive to make each patient feel comfortable, listened to, and cared for.

When she’s not assisting a patient with scheduling their next treatment at the front desk or explaining our newest product, Mollie can be found adventuring with her family and making new memories. She loves supporting her daughter’s passion for dance and is the official “Studio Mom” at the Evolution Dance Company. Mollie is also a huge animal lover who has a house full of adored pets.

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