Marilyn M.

Patient Coordinator

Marilyn has a diverse background which has allowed her to wear many hats within the beauty and skincare industries. She entered the medical world as a transcriptionist, which familiarized her with the extensive vocabulary of the industry. Marilyn then went on to pursue her Esthetician license and actively practiced for four years. This experience broadened her understanding of skin and the treatments, tools, products, and technologies available to patients. As a Skin Artisans Patient Care Coordinator, Marilyn is now able to draw from her extensive knowledge gained from both of these careers to enrich the experience our patients have with us!

Like many on the Skin Artisans team, Marilyn is inspired by the positive impact the medical esthetics and plastic surgery industries can have on a person’s life. She appreciates that our treatments and products don’t just make someone look better but also feel better about themselves. Marilyn believes that we all deserve to love the way we look and feels honored to be a part of many patient’s journeys down this path.

Marilyn has immense respect for her co-workers and the plastic surgeons of Edina Plastic Surgery. Not only do they have the talent and skill to deliver incredible results, but they also do so with integrity, warmth, and unapparelled professionalism. Marilyn loves the family dynamic this encourages amongst the staff and how it strengthens the relationships we have with our patients.

When Marilyn isn’t using her keen eye for detail and organization to assist patients and the team at Skin Artisans, you can find her running or horseback riding in the beautiful Minnesota outdoors. She also loves curling up at home with a good book or a new cross-stitch project.

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