Andrea Lucas

RN-BSN • Injection Specialist

Andrea likes to say that her passion for aesthetics found her, not the other way around! After completing her nursing degree at the College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth, Andrea went on to work with a company that required her to train in cosmetic injectables. Initially, she was intimidated by the thought of doing injectable procedures, but after the first day of training, she was hooked and realized that she had a natural aptitude for injecting. Andrea made the full transition to aesthetic nursing soon after and has never looked back!

Andrea believes that the aesthetic industry’s focus should be directed toward enhancing and restoring a patient’s appearance, not distorting or altering it. To her, each patient has their own “look” and aesthetic preferences that make them feel attractive and unique. Andrea maintains that it is their injector’s job to have a keen artistic eye to bring each patient’s goals to fruition while avoiding a “cookie-cutter” approach to their treatment. She is adamant about genuinely listening to her patients, whether their goal is subtle results or a more enhanced look.

To Andrea, aesthetic injecting is both a science and an art. She approaches each patient like a fresh canvas that she paints with a blend of her passion, skill, and pride in their final result. But, Andrea never disregards the science behind this artistry. She applies the “golden ratios of beauty” to each treatment to ensure her patients’ facial features stay balanced and the anatomy of the face is respected.

With a friendly and outgoing personality and a professional demeanor that emphasizes education and patient empowerment, Andrea’s goal is to make everyone she touches feel relaxed, informed, and refreshed. She believes in the power of the aesthetic industry to help patients look as amazing as they feel on the inside. Aging is a natural part of life during which the body changes, but the youthful spirit inside often stays young. Andrea loves how the aesthetic industry can help bridge that gap and allow all of us to revitalize our appearance and feel like the most confident version of ourselves.

Outside of work, Andrea can be found hiking and adventuring in Arizona or the North Shore with her fiancé or attending one of her son’s many sports events. She relishes family time binge-watching Netflix shows, exploring the outdoors, and just being silly and goofing off. Andrea also adores her “mini-squad” of pets, including her Golden Retriever and three very charismatic cats.

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