August 17, 2023

Are brown spots and sun damage making your complexion appear dull and uneven? Do you wish your skin tone was clearer and brighter? Hyperpigmentation can affect all skin types and colors and is one of the most common concerns our patients share with us at Skin Artisans. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to our new Total Transformation Hyperpigmentation Skincare Package! It combines some of the best professional treatments and physician-grade skincare products to dramatically improve your skin’s tone and clarity. Plus, it does it in record time! Here’s what’s included in this skin tone-transforming package!




Over 10 million faces have experienced the incredible benefits of the VI Peel®. These award-winning chemical peels contain synergistic blends of powerful ingredients to improve your skin’s texture, tone, clarity, and firmness. The Total Transformation Hyperpigmentation Package begins with this powerful peel to perfectly condition your skin for your upcoming laser appointments. It will remove any buildup of dead skin cells, work deeply to kickstart the pigment-lightening process and leave your complexion looking brighter and smoother.



Two MOXI™ + BBL® Treatments for Face + Neck + Chest

Three weeks after your VI Peel®, your journey will continue with two MOXI™ + BBL® treatments for your face, neck, and chest. This gentle but powerful treatment combination will significantly improve your skin’s tone and texture.

BBL® is a light-based treatment that lightens and removes excess pigmentation in your skin. It helps clear dark spots and reduces redness, creating a more even skin tone. MOXI™ compliments these improvements by resurfacing the top layers of your skin and boosting collagen production. After each treatment, your skin will be clearer, smoother, and dramatically brighter!


Pigment Prevention Physician Skincare Bundle 

You’ll need to maintain the results you get from your Total Transformation Hyperpigmentation Package treatments; that’s why we’ve included two powerhouse products for you to use at home!

Skin Artisans Skin Brightening Cream – To truly impact and improve hyperpigmentation, a topical skincare product must work in two ways. First, it must help remove damaged pigment cells to reveal clearer, more even skin beneath. Second, it must inhibit the development of new pigment by suppressing the process of melanogenesis, or pigment production. Skin Brightening Cream does BOTH! It contain a powerful blend of Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid to stop pigment in its tracks! That’s why it’s included in our Total Transformation Hyperpigmentation Skincare Package.

Sheer Hydration Un-Tinted SPF by AlumierMD® – One of the most critical steps in treating hyperpigmentation is preventing future pigment formation! UV exposure from the sun is the most significant trigger for hyperpigmentation. It activates melanocytes, or pigment cells, and causes damage to the DNA of skin cells. SPF is an absolute MUST for anyone wanting to see improvement in their skin tone. To protect your investment and prevent future damage, the Total Transformation Hyperpigmentation Skincare Package also includes a light, moisturizing SPF that sinks in quickly and blends beautifully under makeup for daily use!


If you were to pay full price for all of the treatments and products included in the Total Transformation Hyperpigmentation Package, you would pay over $2,800. But our special package pricing includes all of these pigment-busting solutions for only $2,270! That’s over $500 in savings!


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