January 22, 2021

Real results take time, especially when it comes to seeing visible changes to your skin.  But, some skincare treatments offer immediate results with continued improvements that are seen for months after your appointment.  Skin Artisan’s brand new service, the “Weekend Warrior,” does just that!  This combination laser resurfacing treatment can be performed on a Friday and have you glowing for your first ZOOM call at work on Monday.  If you lead a busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow for a lot of downtime, but you still want to see significant and lasting results on your skin, the Weekend Warrior may be the solutions you’re looking for!

What is the Weekend Warrior treatment?

The Weekend Warrior combines two of our most effective laser resurfacing modalities, the Sciton MicroLaserPeel® and ProFractional™.  Both laser services have unique qualities as stand-alone treatments, but greatly enhance each other’s results when performed together in a single treatment.  Imagine the Weekend Warrior almost like rejuvenating your skin from the outside in, and the inside out!

MicroLaserPeel® shines when it comes to smoothing fine lines that result from photoaging.  This light resurfacing treatment focuses on the top layers of your skin to even out skin tone, texture, and pigmentation.  The laser energy is fractionated before it hits the surface of the skin, allowing for speedy healing and cell turnover.  MicroLaserPeel® imparts skin with an instant, healthy-looking, youthful glow!

ProFractional™ targets the deeper layers of your skin to dramatically stimulate the production of fresh collagen and elastin.  Laser energy creates micro-ablated channels deep into dermal tissue.  This makes it a highly effective treatment for patients wishing to see improvements in deeper wrinkles, acne scarring, and skin laxity.

What are the Benefits of Combining MicroLaserPeel® & ProFractional™ into One Treatment?

Imagine your skin as the walls of a house.  MicroLaserPeel® sands down the flakey paint on the exterior and restores a tight, bright, and even appearance.  At the same time, ProFractional™ targets the deeper framework of the walls and foundation to restore a robust, healthy and resilient layer of support.  Combining these treatments is the best of BOTH worlds.  MicroLaserPeel® quickly gives skin that gorgeous glow and smoothness so many of us are looking for, while ProFractional™ puts our collagen production in overdrive to progressively smooth deeper wrinkles and scarring and restore firmness and tightness to skin.

What is the Downtime Like After the Weekend Warrior Treatment?

Immediately following your treatment, your skin will be flushed, warm, and tight.  Skin may have a “frosted” appearance and feel slightly rough to the touch.  Over the next two days, you may experience some flaking and tightness, but heat and redness should subside within 24 to 48 hours.  The third day after your treatment, skin may still feel slightly dry and tight, but you are able to wear makeup and no one should be able to detect that you had anything done.

When Do I See Results with the Weekend Warrior Treatment?

You will immediately notice that your skin is more radiant, with a healthy flush.  It will feel tighter and smoother with each passing day as well.  Fine lines, pores, and any pigment irregularities will appear less noticeable with each passing week.  Because ProFractional™ treats at a deeper level, the collagen production that has been stimulated will continue to flourish for up to three months after your treatment.  That means with each passing month your skin will appear smoother, firmer, and tighter!

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